Co-Parent, Step-Parent, Relative Adoptions

Often, family members are put into a position where they need to legally adopt a child who may have been in their home for a long time. Although it seems as though this should be “easy,” it can often be just as intensive as any other type of adoption. Our experienced social workers are committed to working with these families to try to simplify the process and meet all of the State’s and Court’s requirements without undue stress on the family and children involved.
We can help with all types of circumstances that fall under this category, including:


  • Co-Parent Adoptions
  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Family Member Adoptions–voluntary or involuntary


While the rules that govern adoptions are the same throughout the state, each court has their own interpretation of those laws and some may have their own set of requirements. Therefore, it is vitally important for families to seek advice and assistance from a licensed adoption agency as well as an attorney experienced in adoption law. Open Arms Adoptions can assist with the adoption work and, if necessary, refer you to area attorneys familiar with adoptions.


Open Arms Adoptions is committed to assisting families with all types of adoptions.  While much of the process is “simpler” in terms of paperwork, there are still a lot of legalities that need to be addressed in order to adopt a relative or your spouse’s child.


Our professional staff is familiar with all of these types of adoptions.  We can assist you with the necessary paperwork and ensure that everything required by law is completed in order to get your family into court and legalize the parent/child relationship.