What is an Open Adoption?

The term “open adoption” refers to an adoption where the adoptive parents and birth parents share certain information and, in some cases, agree to some type of ongoing contact. The range of openness can include:

  • Birth parents providing special mementos (baby blanket, frame, book, letter, etc.) to the adoptive parents to share with the baby.
  • Birth parents and adoptive parents exchanging first names and photographs.
  • Ongoing communication between birth parents and adoptive parents in the form of letters or photographs sent through the adoption agency.
  • Birth parents and adoptive parents meeting each other, sharing full identifying information and having ongoing contact directly through years.

It is important to recognize that not everyone is comfortable with all levels of openness. In some cases, you as the birth parent may not desire that level of communication with your child’s adoptive family and in other cases, this may be threatening or uncomfortable for the adoptive family. Open Arms Adoptions believes and respects each person’s right and responsibility to make the decision that is right for their family. Our social workers will assist each person in designing a plan that is right for them.

It is also important to know that any agreement for any level of openness is based on trust and commitment. These agreements are not binding and may, in fact, change over time due to a variety of circumstances.

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