Amy and Frédéric

Meet Amy and Frédéric

We are Amy and Frédéric and we’re thrilled to tell you our story. We love our lives, both the ones we used to have on our own and the one we now share together, as we build, step by step, our little family here in Ohio.

Our home is one where your child will be welcomed with open arms and open hearts. We met overseas while Amy was doing humanitarian work and Frédéric was in the French Air Force. We fell in love and got married in 2013.

We decided to settle in Northeastern Ohio nearby Amy’s family, while going back to France as often as we can. It’s important to us that our child be raised in a community with family and friends.

We both love traveling, cooking, reading, listening to music, going to the movies or taking a vacation in the great outdoors. We both love animals, although we don’t currently have any pets. But…we’re very serious about the bird feeders in our backyard.

About Amy By Frédéric

Amy has worked for decades as an ordained minister and in various humanitarian organizations around the world because she wants to serve people. She is now the pastor of a local church. She has found new ground and enjoys more time with family. She is also an amazing singer.

About Amy by Frédéric
About Frédéric by Amy

About Frédéric by Amy

Frédéric is a mountain hiker and an environment activist. He also has found a new home in Ohio and is currently a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator. He doesn’t sing and it’s probably better that way.

Thank you for your courage and strength and for considering us as part of your journey….