Jonathan and Lynsay

Meet Jonathan and Lynsay

We are Jonathan and Lynsay. This year, we will have been happily married for six years. We both love beach vacations and traveling and good food. We try to have a date night at least once a month for us to reconnect as spouses. Together, we make a great team, balancing each other out and sharing parental and household responsibilities. Though our home can be chaotic at times, we do our best to keep some semblance of structure in our schedules as the kids do best with a routine. We are far from perfect, but we assure you that there is no shortage of love, laughter, or support under our roof! We have been blessed with two biological children and upon discussion of a third child, we really felt the Lord calling us to adoption. With much thought and prayer, we made the decision to pursue adoption through Open Arms Adoptions. We are both so eager to grow our family through adoption!

About Jonathan by Lynsay

Jonathan was born and raised in the Akron area. He previously served in the Army National Guard and is currently a police officer. He enjoys relaxing with the family, grilling out, going running, and playing with the kids.

Jonathan has exceeded my every expectation of him as a father. Not only is he the toughest and bravest man I know, he is also so gentle and tender-hearted and our boys just adore him, as do I. One of my most favorite sounds is listening to him and the kids playing and laughing and the ever endearing sound of him calling each of the boys "boogie." He is slow to anger, quick to forgive, and he loves fiercely. He is an incredible husband and father and anyone would be beyond blessed to have him in their life.

About Jonathan by Lynsay
About Lynsay by Jonathan

About Lynsay by Jonathan

Lynsay was born and raised in Akron, OH and is the oldest of three. When she was nine, her parents adopted her sister from China and they have been and continue to be very close. She is a Registered Nurse and works part time as a hospice nurse two days per week.

Lynsay is selfless, as most care givers are. She is a dedicated mother and I sometimes just watch, mesmerized by how much she does in a single day. I know it would take at least two of me to do half of the things she does. She loves and cares for us in such a remarkable way. The boys are blessed to have her as a mother and me to have her as a wife and companion.

About Elias and Jonah


Elis is 3 years old and full of energy and silliness. Some of his favorite interests include superheroes, animals, reading, building with magna-tiles, swimming, trucks, helping his dad fix things with tools, and singing and dancing. He is learning how to share his toys with his little brother and friends. The last baby Elias met, he rubbed her head and her cheek and made her smile and said, "She's so beautiful and so sweet!" 


Jonah is 1.5 years old. He is very shy compared to his big brother. He prefers to be Daddy's sidekick and stick close to him (or Mommy if Daddy's not around). He's often happy and smiling and giggling at something silly his brother has done. Jonah adores his big brother and looks for every opportunity to watch him, be near him, and learn from him. Whenever Jonah sees a baby, he makes sure to tell us by shouting "baby, baby, baby!" The last baby he saw made him smile so big! 

Meet Elias and Jonah
Meet Bentley

Meet Bentley

Bentley loves being a big brother. He is gentle and silly and loves to play with kids. Eli and Jonah adore him!