Maria and Tom

Meet Tom, Maria & Bronson

We are Maria and Tom. Our story began as college sweethearts and, since then, we’ve had adventures together across the world and right here at home. And life got even sweeter when we adopted our son Bronson. Life with him is full of giggles, hugs and kisses. Having him challenges us to be better people and make the world better a place.

But we know our family always was meant to be bigger. We know there is so much more love to go around in our home and hearts.

So that leads us to right now with you reading this profile. We feel so blessed that you want to know about us. We make a promise that we would love this child unconditionally, raise him or her in a healthy, happy home and ensure the child always knows and feels your love from day one. We also look forward to staying in touch with you through letters, emails, photos, visits -- whatever you are comfortable with.

We honor your strength and courage and thank you for considering us to be a part of this journey. We wish you peace and love as you make this decision out of love for this child.

About Maria by Tom

What I love most about Maria is she tries to make the world a better place for everyone.

Take, for example, the work she does volunteering with local kids. She also makes sure we recycle and is on me every time I a put a recyclable in the trash.

Most importantly, Maria is an amazing mother. I see it in Bronson's smile. They play cars and trains, go to the park and cook together. They wait for me on the porch and welcome me when I return home from work. It's the best part of my day.

Maria is an inspiring woman and a loving mother. And being with her makes me a better man.

About Maria by Tom
About Tom by Maria

About Tom by Maria

I thought I knew Tom. That is, until the day I saw him hold our son.

I've always known Tom believes in family, in love, in respect for others and in helping out those in need.. You can see it in the little things. When the cashier asks if we’d like to donate a dollar to a local charity, Tom always says yes. When a friend needs an extra hand moving, Tom’s the first one to step forward.

But when Bronson came into our lives, the love, the smiles, and the compassion he has for others all became amplified times 10. I saw him take so much pride in his new son and understand more that everything is connected. There's so much beauty and good in the world and it all starts with our little boy.

I’m so happy to be spending the rest of my life with Tom and to build our family with him.

Meet Bronson


When we started this process to bring a new member into our family, we asked Bronson, “Do you want a baby brother or sister?”

“Sister!,” he said, jumping in the air.

“Do you want a baby sister or brother?”

“Brother!,” he said, with just as much vigor.

Meet Bronson