Meredith and Chris

Thank you for considering us to be your child’s adoptive parents. We realize what a difficult choice it is you have made and admire your courage and strength. We cannot begin to imagine what you are feeling or going through, but are extremely appreciative and supportive of your decision. We are both from loving and supportive families who are thrilled to share their love with this child. As for the two of us, our greatest desire is to start a family. We will love your child unconditionally and be forever grateful to you.

About Chris by Meredith

I’m thankful every day to have met Chris and I can’t imagine my life without him. He is smart, caring, dedicated, and strong in his beliefs. He has a passion for politics and a mind for trivia. He knows his way around the kitchen, whether he’s grilling hamburgers, smoking a brisket, or baking homemade bread. He is an avid Steelers fan and spending time with his family is very important to him. He is my rock and during the most difficult times of my life he was always there for me to lean on. He has a kind heart and a goofy personality, which always makes me laugh. He may show a tough exterior at times, but has a large soft spot for those he cares about. He’s great around kids and my best friend’s 4 year old son adores him. Whenever I talk to her on the phone, her son is always in the background saying hi to “Uncle Chris.”I love watching Chris play with our nieces and nephews and know he will make a terrific dad.

About Meredith by Chris

From the moment she walked into my life, I knew there was something special about Meredith. She instantly understood me in a way no one had before. Meredith is caring, funny, and sweet. Meredith has always been there for me, and I would not have been able to get through my Mom’s death without her. Once of her favorite ways to spend her free time is outside with a good book. She also loves taking our dog Baxter on walks. Meredith is fantastic with children. Her face instantly lights up when she sees our nieces and nephews, and she can’t get enough of spending time with them. Whenever I see Meredith with our nieces and nephews, it makes me think about what a wonderful mother she will be. Our nieces and nephews love Meredith. Our nephew, Grayson, even says Meredith is his favorite person. Family is very important to Meredith, and she makes a point to visit her family as much as possible.

Meet Baxter and Cooper

Baxter is our 7 year old Beagle. He loves to go on walks, give kisses, and cuddle. His favorite treat is peanut butter and he is great with kids!

Cooper is our 10 year old tabby cat. He enjoys naps, looking out the window, and playing in boxes. He mostly keeps to himself, but loves when someone is petting him.