Rachel and Wes

Rachel and Wes

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as you make the difficult decision of who will parent your child.  We hope that you will be able to see the love we have for each other, our families and our future child.  We are excited to become parents and welcome a child into our home and family.

After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year and being told we will never be able to have our own biological children, we decided to start the adoption process.  We know that God has called us to adopt and we cannot wait to meet the child He has chosen for us.

We want you to know how much respect and love we feel for you.  We cannot imagine what a difficult decision this is for you.  We have been praying for you that you would have the strength and courage you need in this process.  We know that you want what is best for your baby and we pray that you will find us to be all that you hope for your child.

About Wes by Rachel

Wes has an amazing desire to help others.  He is always willing to help his friends and family when they need help.  He is also a very talented guitar player and he wishes to pass the gift of music to our future children.  Wes also has a funny goofy side and is always able to make me laugh!!

Wes’ family consists of his parents and two older brothers.  Wes’ oldest brother is married, has two children, and is a pastor.  Wes’ second oldest brother is married, has five children, and owns a machine shop.  Wes’ parents and second oldest brother live in the same town as us and his oldest brother lives 45 minutes away.  Our child will be grandchild and cousin number 9.  Everyone is excited for our family to grow.


Wes and Rachel
Wes and Rachel

About Rachel—by Wes

Rachel has an amazing singing voice, even when she can’t find the pitch.  She is my best friend and always knows how to put a smile on my face and the face of others. She makes the best Dutch apple pie.  Rachel can’t wait to teach our child how to cook.  She loves long car rides even when it means getting lost and watching the sunrise blossom in the morning.  Rachel is my sunrise.

Rachel’s family consists of her mom and dad and step-mom.  Rachel never had any siblings.  Rachel’s parents live within 15 minutes.  Our child will be the first grandchild in Rachel’s family and they can’t wait to have a little one to love and raise with us. 

Duke is our four-legged child.  We got him when he was 12 weeks old and he is now two years old.  He likes to go running in large, open fields, chew bones, chew our socks and snuggle!

Meet Duke