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We are Bobbie and Jerry. Our love of music brought us together 12 years ago. We married in December 2014, in the Garden of the Gods, located in Colorado Springs. Friendship is the foundation that grew out of respect, faith, & love. These are qualities we will share with our child.

We waited to marry and raise a child until we could afford to give our child the time and attention they deserve. Bobbie will be a stay at home mom. She was a college instructor and stopped working a couple years ago to travel with Jerry and prepare the house for a family. Jerry works from home. He sales European cars and has a very flexible schedule. This will be Jerry & Bobbie’s first child.

Our love of travel, music, and food is something that will be fun to share and explore with our child. In addition, we are animal lovers and grew up with dogs & cats. Currently, we have two rescue cats-Romeo & June Bee- who provide a lot of love and entertainment. June Bee is a trip and has her own stuffed animal Mr. Moose!

Bobbie and Jerry are college graduates and live in the suburbs of Northeast Ohio. Both Bobbie and Jerry enjoy riding bikes, swimming, & reading. I addition, Jerry loves to go-kart and Bobbie likes to jog.

Becoming parents has been a common dream for our marriage. Thank you for allowing us to love and raise your child. YOU are a strong woman and we look forward to connecting with you.



Bobbie & Jerry