Hi we are Rahul and Divya. We have been best friends since high-school and have been married for 10 years. As a couple we create the perfect balance, with Rahul being the rational, sensible, and sweet guy and Divya being the quirky, whimsical, and spontaneous one. We have experienced the joy that adoption brings through our adopted cousins, niece and nephew and are excited to grow our family through adoption as well.

Rahul works as a senior director at a healthcare company. Rahul grew up in both South Carolina and in India and has an engineering degree and an MBA.
He loves to play tennis, go biking and hiking, and stay active. He is always making people laugh and is often the funniest person at a party. Rahul loves to read and is well-informed and up to date on business, politics and sports. He hopes to, raise our children with good values, teach them to play basketball and tennis, and help them with their homework.

Divya is a yoga instructor, hypnotherapist, and a freelance marketer. She spent her childhood in India and moved to the US for her undergrad. She has a degree in psychology and communication and enjoys working with and helping people.

Her favorite things are to sing and play the guitar, cook, and travel the world. She loves being around children, and proudly holds the “favorite aunt” title. She looks forward to peek-a-boo’s, doll parties, and cuddle time with our kids.

We have a cozy home near the metro-parks surrounded by greenery. Divya’s work schedule allows a lot of flexibility and Rahul’s job offers unlimited paid time off. We don’t have any siblings, so both sets of grandparents are ready and waiting to spoil their first grandchild!

We have a 9-year-old husky mix mutt named Mango. She is shy around new people but once she gets to know you all she wants to do is play. She loves being around children and is very gentle with them. She understands three languages and does at least a dozen tricks.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and considering us to raise your child. We have the utmost respect for your strength as you make this difficult decision. We promise to be loving parents and give your son or daughter every opportunity to have fun, learn, and succeed. We have been waiting to be parents for several years and cannot wait to give all our love to your precious child.