Geneen & Bruce – Open Arms Adoption

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Hello we are Bruce and Geneen.  Thank you for taking the opportunity to consider us as prospective adoptive parents to your child. Our story of love started in 2010 upon the introduction of a mutual friend.  We talked on the phone for hours on end before meeting in person one month later.  As we fell in love with one another, we learned of our shared values as it relates to God, family, finances and fun.

We are both Christians that do not wear religion on our sleeves but know that our steps must be ordered by God, not us.  Our child will be raised with Christian principles but taught that he must ultimately choose God for himself.  We will instill an appreciation for different cultures, foods and ways of thinking.  Our families and friends have been and are very important to who we are as individuals and as a couple.  We are so thankful that so many people in our lives have expressed a desire to be a part of our child’s life.

Bruce has been a public high school educator for over 25 years and Geneen has been in the payroll business for over 15 years, working at one time for a family business and now a company with locations all over the U.S.  Each thoroughly enjoys their careers despite the changes and challenges that are inherent in their respective careers.  We love to laugh with and at each other.  This has been a part of our relationship since the beginning.

We look forward to traveling and vacationing when the little one is “ready” and can appreciate the moments.  It will be a dream come true to share family moments and vacations with our child.  We also enjoy watching sports together as a family.  Texting one another while we were dating during Cleveland Browns’ games are a fond memory for us both.  In closing we cannot imagine how difficult your decision is, choosing to place your child for adoption.  Your decision is a true act of courage and love.  We promise you and more importantly your child, unconditional love, values, discipline and experiences, that will help him to be a well-rounded, contributing member of our society and world.  We look forward to having a chance to meet you.

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