Hector & Lauren – Open Arms Adoption

Dear birth mom, we love you. We can’t even begin to understand what your heart has gone through – the suffering, the tears; but one thing we both can tell you is that God is the God who hears. Our lives are living proof of this! Our prayers, as you consider us as potential adoptive parents, is that God will use us as part of your journey in seeking Him and that your child will always remember you. Let us tell you a bit about how God has heard our prayers in our life journey.

Our Love Story

Hector was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and can speak Spanish very well and very fast. Let me explain what I mean by fast. They say that a hummingbird, one of my favorite animals in the animal kingdom, can move their wings up to 70 times per second. When he speaks Spanish it seems as if he is moving his tongue at this same rate. It’s quite impressive, and even more impressive is that I can catch one or two words of what he says. That being said, I met Hector during our studies at Moody Bible Institute and –[abrupt writing interruption!]– Hey lady hold on a minute, it’s my  turn to write! Enough of hummingbirds for now. Hi, my name is Hector, and as Lauren was saying it was love at first sight. When she saw me she fell down on her knees and frankly could not resist. Ok, I guess I might be exaggerating a bit, but long story short, we were both training for ministry and during the last year in college we started dating and realized we shared the same life calling, that is, we had no idea what we wanted to do in life! Isn’t that awesome! [abrupt writing interruption!]– Honey don’t give so many details; get to the point! Sorry, Hector likes to talk too much. We realized we had a lot in common, more than we initially realized, and got married. God led us both to careers we enjoy. I found Hector really humorous and he could not get over my blue eyes. So we got married and later realized God was leading us through the rough road of infertility, but He also placed us in a Christian Church surrounded by people who pray for us and support us every step of the way. I grew up in Ohio most of my life so marrying a Puerto Rican was a cultural shock, but Hector was an answer to my prayers. There isn’t a day we don’t laugh at each other and enjoy being with each other. We have two adorable dogs who make us laugh too! 

What We Enjoy

Hector enjoys gaming including on the PlayStation and will potentially get the PS5 when it gets released, but he has to convince Lauren to let him buy it. He also enjoys learning computer programming, and he might get into making electronic music in the near future.

Lauren enjoys the outdoors, cross cultural experiences, photography, indoor water parks, traveling, Netflix binging, and spending time with family and friends. She also plays the piano at church.

Our Home

We live in a suburban house with easy access to Cleveland, Akron, and rural areas. We are fortunate to live in a community with excellent schools. Our backyard is mostly fenced in, and we live in walking distance of playgrounds and trails. We know many great kids in our neighborhood, which is filled with families including some who have adopted. 

How We Want to Serve You

Our Christian faith is a very central and crucial part of our lives, because we have seen many lives being transformed by the power of the gospel. This is why our commitment to you is to raise your child in a Christian home with gracious, merciful, and loving values that always honor and remember you in light of the common grace that Christ offers to all of us. We will love your child unconditionally as Christ has loved us. Would you consider us? We would be honored!

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