Thank you for considering our family! We are humbled by the strength and bravery of your decision. We hope that you find comfort in knowing that your decision means so much to us.

We met while attending different colleges in Nashville and were neighbors and friends for a year before we started dating. We dated for two years before getting engaged, and got married a year later in an outdoor ceremony.

As a couple, we’ve always known that that we wanted children and we were so excited when our daughter Annalise was born. We very much wanted to have more children, but struggled with infertility. After much thought and many conversations with friends who had been blessed by adopting, we became committed to growing our family through adoption.

Our Christian faith has been part of our individual lives before our marriage and has continued to be a major influence on us as husband, wife, father, and mother.

Josh is a clinical ethicist, a job that involves helping patients, their families, and their healthcare providers sort through what is most important to them in the hospital setting. As a part of his job, Josh also teaches ethics to medical students. Outside of work, Josh likes being outside (especially fly fishing and camping) and listening to good music. Josh also finds satisfaction in carpentry work, whether home remodeling projects, playhouses, or furniture making.

Lindsey worked as a clinical dietitian before deciding to stay at home full time with Annalise. Now that Anna is in school, Lindsey enjoys volunteering in the local school system and with church programming like Mothers of Preschoolers. Lindsey has always been an avid reader, and has shared this love with Anna by reading to her since she was a tiny baby. Being physically active and snuggling with pets are ways that Lindsey relieves stress and feels rejuvenated.

Our daughter Annalise is 10, and will be starting the 5th Grade this year. Anna has a great sense of humor and loves being silly, but she also cares deeply about those around her. She is into anything related to science or art—making slime, catching bugs, painting, or making a craft out of whatever she can find. Over the past couple of years Anna has really shown an interest in music of all types. Annalise has been waiting a long time to be a big sister and is excited to meet her new sibling.

A description of our family wouldn’t be complete with telling you about our cats, Charlie and Lucy. They are brother and sister, and definitely act like it! Charlie is a lazy boy who loves snuggles and naps in the sun. Lucy will hunt just about anything but also always seems to find a way into somebody’s lap for a good scratch. We love animals of all kinds!


We sincerely thank you for taking time to get to know a little about us. As parents, we are dedicated to creating a supportive and secure environment for our children to find their passions and to be confident in pursuing them. We are so excited that we might get to join in this journey with you! We hope to learn more about you and to discover what is best for you in this unique relationship. Above all, we want you to be comfortable with your decision and we are confident that you will make the best choice for your child.