Michelle & Nick – Open Arms Adoption

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Hello and thank you…

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about us.  Most importantly, thank you for choosing life for your child.  This will truly be something your child will thank you for throughout their life.  We want you to know that we have been preparing our hearts, minds and souls for a long time for a child to make us parents.  We will always love and honor you for this once in a lifetime blessing and opportunity.

Our History & Values

We are high school sweethearts who have built a life together on the foundation of friendship, unconditional love, and the understanding of life’s twists and turns.  Married in 2009, we have been “together” longer than we haven’t!  Our dream has always been to enjoy life together and to raise a family to share the joys that this wonderful world has to offer.  Faith, family and friends hold a top priority in our lives—as tough times come along, these are things that truly matter and help us all get through to the other side.  We believe that there is good in everything and everyone if we’re willing to see it.  In that respect, we are always optimistic and our hearts are full of love.


We love sports of all varieties and we enjoy a healthy competition.  Growing up we both played multiple sports, and even continued our athletic careers in college—football for Nick and volleyball for Michelle.  As we’ve aged into our 30’s, we’ve picked up the more leisurely sport of golf, which keeps us active.  We love being outdoors and travelling to fun destinations like Hilton Head, Arizona, Jersey Shore, and North Carolina to name a few.  New experiences and adventures enrich our lives and we love to spend those times with family and close friends.  Ultimately, if we’re with each other and people we love…it’s always a good time!  Music is also a staple in our house, and we love to discover new artists and see live shows around town.


We both have been very fortunate and blessed to work for great companies.  Michelle is a family nurse practitioner and Nick works in the automotive financial services industry.  We both value the importance of work and life balance—and we are fortunate to work for companies that value the same thing.

We cannot begin to imagine the emotions you are feeling.  No matter what happens, we will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for you.  May God bless you and your child!

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