Hello, we are Santi, Tim and Rowan, and we would be honored if you would consider us as you think about your future plans. We cannot pretend to understand all that you are going through, but please know how your selflessness and strength are such an inspiration to us.


We met in 2006 in Washington, DC while working for the same company, and were married in 2010. We had our son, Rowan, in 2013. Our lives in DC were extremely busy, so we moved to Ohio in 2016 so that we could focus on our family and spend more time together.  We have both always agreed on wanting a big family, and talked about adoption even before Rowan came along – we are excited to embrace adoption as a part of our family story!  As a family we love spending time outdoors – kayaking, fishing, gardening, and taking walks with our rescue dog, Basil. We’re also pretty geeky, and love all things sci-fi, including Star Wars and superheroes. We love to travel, and have a pretty international family, with family members we visit yearly in Europe and Asia.


Thank you for considering our family. We will love your child unconditionally – more than anything, we want you to know that you will always be an integral part of his or her life, and we will ensure that your child grows up with an understanding of the love and sacrifice that went into your decision.