Wondering whether or not you’re ready to be a mom or dad can be a confusing and scary time in someone’s life. We’re here for YOU and want to help you sort this out.

Our experienced adoption social workers are committed to helping you figure out what is best—for both YOU and your baby. Adoption is not the best plan for everyone, but it is a great plan for many of the parents we work with.

Calling us does not obligate you to make an adoption plan for your child. Our services and the counseling we provide to birth parents is free and completely confidential.

Our professional and compassionate birth parent counselors will meet with you where you are comfortable. They will help you look at all of your options and explore what is best for both of you.

We understand that you will likely have a lot of fears, anxiety, and sadness as you work through the decisions you will have to make. Your social worker will be available to you 24/7 to answer your questions, explore your needs and, most importantly, support you during this difficult time.

Our goals in working with you are:

  • To answer all of your questions honestly and completely
  • To help you work through all of the options available to you
  • To help you make the BEST possible plan for you and your baby
  • To assist you in meeting with the adoptive parents, if that’s something you choose
  • To make sure that you are SAFE and taken care of
  • To help you maintain contact with your baby, if that is what you wish

TEXT or call us at 330.697.4751. Free & confidential; available 24/7.

Email: [email protected]

We are here for you during this difficult time.