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We are Brian and Anna. We met in March of 2012 and were married in December 2014. Our values, morals, goals, and belief in doing the right thing have always aligned. Our personalities complement each other. A normal weekend for us can include all the responsible errands you think of as adults, but it also includes bike rides, museum trips, pinball, and any other local adventure checking out new and old restaurants and breweries. Our moms both come from large families, the oldest of nine kids, so we have large extended families that we spend quite a bit of time with at holidays and family celebrations. We have a lot of love to give and feel fortunate to be able to consider adoption as an option to complete our family. Words could never express our admiration for the strength and courage you have as a mother in considering adoption for your child. We will be forever grateful to you and promise to honor and respect the decision you’re making for you and your baby. Our hope, our goal, and our efforts will focus on providing your baby with a home full of love and laughter and as parents making sure they are happy, healthy, safe, and supported. Our hearts and home are ready to welcome a new member into our family and there is no doubt that your child will be the most important person in our lives.

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