Open Arms Adoptions works with birth parents throughout the state of Ohio who are considering an adoption plan for their child. Part of this complex work will include helping these parents to identify what is important to them as they identify a family for their baby. Some of the things birth parents may consider when choosing a family include:

  • Cultural issues
  • Educational goals
  • Other children in the home
  • Religion

All adoptive families have to complete a “homestudy.” This process will allow your social worker to really get to know your family and will better enable her to provide all of the support you need throughout this entire process. Once your homestudy is completed, we will provide you with guidelines to assist you in creating your Family Book. This is how we will first introduce your family to the birth parents that we work with. Open Arms Adoptions will work with you and the birth parents to create an adoption plan that is respectful of everyone involved.

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