Services To Birth Parents

All of the services we provide to birth parents are FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and do not create any OBLIGATION whatsoever. We strive to create a safe place for you to talk about your feelings related to your pregnancy, parenting, and the idea of adoption.

Each and every person we work with comes to us with their own history, their own beliefs and ideas. No two people are the same and no two adoptions are ever the same. We pride ourselves on the ability to help birth parents create the adoption plan that makes the most sense to them…we know that “one size fits all” is never true when you’re making a permanent plan for your baby.

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Our Birth Parent Counselors and Staff Will Provide:

  • Respect for you and your situation
  • Completely confidential communication
  • Honest answers….always
  • Assistance with getting appropriate medical care
  • Ongoing support
  • Choices of families for your child based on your preferences

Have Questions?

We know that every birth parent we work with will have many questions and many things that they are unsure about. While every person’s questions are different, below are some of the questions we hear most often.

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Our Waiting Families

At Open Arms Adoptions our goal is to match our expectant mothers with waiting families ready to create or complete their families with a baby. We understand how difficult the decision to place a child is for an expectant mother. Be assured, our waiting families are ready to love your child and build a happy, fulfilled family with your baby if given the opportunity.

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