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Hi! We are Dana and Gaelan. We live in Columbus, Ohio with our two cats. We know that this is an incredibly difficult time for you, and we want you to know that we are praying for you. You are making the hardest decision that a mother can make for her child. We want you to know that whatever decision you make, we will continue to pray for you, and we are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us through our profile.

We have always talked about adoption being part of our journey to build a family, and we are so excited to welcome our first child into our home! Dana and her younger sister were both adopted as infants, so adoption has always been a huge part of her life. We both love spending time with our nieces and nephews, as well as our friend’s kids and seeing all of the joy that they bring. We have also started a support group in our church for families who have adopted and are fostering.

Gaelan is an avid reader, loves hobbies and painting, and often gets together with friends to play games. Dana loves cooking for others, crafting, and helps run our church’s Sunday School program. Together, we both love hiking, having friends over, and watching sci-fi movies and TV shows. Our house is filled with fun games, good food, and lots of love and laughter.

If you choose us to be parents for your child, we want you to know that they will grow up with unconditional love, not only from us but from our families and our community. They will grow up knowing that God loves them perfectly, and that your incredible love for them brought them to us. We will raise them in a way that honors God, their individual culture and background, and you as their birth mother. We would love to have you be a part of your child’s life as they grow up if that is something you want.

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