Hello, we are Nate and Val. With both of us growing up with siblings, we had a desire to have a family. However after trying to have kids naturally we felt a calling from God when we were informed it would be near impossible for us to have children. The journey to growing our family has brought newfound joy into our hearts. It has strengthened our relationship beyond imagination and makes us grateful for every opportunity we have to start our family. 

We met 9 years ago at Kent State through Valerie’s sister and the Architecture program. After 4 years of dating we got engaged at our favorite Wednesday date night location. During the years before marriage, we found love for an active lifestyle and our commitments to God and family drew us closer. We have been married for 4 years and cherish every minute of it! We love traveling, doing home renovation projects, and playing board games. Long walks are our go-to when needing a break and we enjoy living a slowed down pace of life to appreciate the gifts of each day by looking for the best in every situation.

About Nate

Nathan enjoys biking to new places and enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells the nearby Bike and Hike Trail has to offer.  He also enjoys Long walks or hikes with Val and Family. Another favorite of Nathan’s are weekends filled with  family game nights and long weekend trips where we can take time to appreciate the life and time we have together. During Spring, Summer, and Fall nights, Nathan enjoys bonfires watching stars, making s’mores, and singing along to our favorite tunes. While during the winter, he enjoys relaxing by a warm fire in the fireplace with a bowl of stove popped popcorn and watching TV/Movies. Nathan also enjoys any opportunity he has to lend a helping hand.

About Val

Valerie enjoys running and walking on the Bike & Hike while taking in nature’s beauty. She loves spending summer days gardening and growing food to fuel her love of cooking. When she is not gardening, Valerie loves being creative through artwork and restoring furniture to its original beauty. On the weekend she loves spending time with family whether it be the typical Saturday night by a bonfire, a celebration or game nights filled with fun, laughter, jokes and memories. She loves spending time with her nieces and nephews by going to the park, apple picking and teaching them sports and games.