Paige and Brad - Open Arms Adoptions


We are Paige, Brad, and Jameson (PB&J) and we live near downtown Columbus, a stone’s throw from the conservatory, museums, and lots of parks.

We began our relationship 18 years ago in Northern Kentucky. Personality wise, we are opposites. Brad is the introverted scientist and Paige is the outgoing artsy free spirit. But when we got to know each other, we found out we agreed on all the major things: dogs over cats, we’d rather be in the snow than the heat, we are both annoyed by UK fans, we both wanted kids. We married a year and a half later and then moved to Nashville, Tennesse so Brad could attend graduate school. Moving away from our families was hard but it taught us to be able to depend on each other and helped us grow as a couple. We loved the live music scene and all the outdoor activities in Nashville and wanted to share that with a child, but a variety of life-threatening medical issues prevented us from starting our family. Jameson had his own struggles, spending his first two weeks in the NICU, but after that he has done nothing but thrive. He LOVES music and dancing and has become quite the ukelele and hockey player. As a family we always find activities to enrich our lives, from kayaking and bike riding to exploring COSI and going to ball games.

In 2021 Brad’s job transferred him to Columbus and since then, we have found a wonderful, diverse neighborhood. Paige loves fostering dogs, and we currently have two dogs, two turtles, and a beta fish. We have lots of love to give and want to share that with another child. We are open to whatever level of openness you desire. Thank you so much for considering us at this time of uncertainty in your life.

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