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That’s an awfully big number, isn’t it?? It’s almost unfathomable.  What could that number possibly represent that has anything to do with adoption?? In the United States…right now…there are over 107,900 children available for adoption from the foster care system.  Parental rights already terminated.  Legally free.  No home… WE NEED FAMILIES!!! These kids are just … Read More

So, When Do We Tell?

This is by far, the question I hear most often when working with families hoping to adopt an infant. My answer is always the same: “The day you bring your child home.” Granted, this answer may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I’m completely serious. Children should never remember being “told” that they are adopted.  The … Read More

All I Want is to be a Mommy

It may not be those exact words, but this heartbreaking sentiment is one that we hear every day at Open Arms Adoptions. The desire to be a parent…to nurture and love a child…watching them turn into their own little person…is innate in some of us.  We can’t remember when that thought entered our minds; it’s … Read More

How Old is "Too Old?"

Chances are that most of us have felt “too old” for something at some point in time.  We’re too old to act a certain way, watch a certain TV show, wear a miniskirt….the list goes on and on about what we’re “too old” to be, to want or to do. When, though, do we become “too … Read More

What Does Adoption Mean to YOU?

So excited to announce that we’ve schedule our first Meet-up! After years of working in adoption, one thing that all of us have noticed is how many people’s lives have been touched by adoption.  Wherever we go, as soon as someone hears “adoption,” they have a story.  Maybe they were adopted.  Or their brother was … Read More


We don’t talk about adoption much in our society.  We like to think that we’ve advanced since the days of young, unwed women being whisked off to “maternity homes” to secretly give birth while everyone else is told that she was visiting an aunt (or some other long lost relative).  Have we though? Certainly we’re … Read More