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three children laying down on a blanket in a grass field, encouraging families to consider adoption

That’s an awfully big number, isn’t it?? It’s almost unfathomable.  What could that number possibly represent that has anything to do with adoption?? In the United States…right now…there are over 107,900 children available for adoption from the foster care system.  Parental rights already terminated.  Legally free.  No home…


These kids are just that…KIDS.  They want to play baseball, or take dance lessons, or sing in the choir, or learn how to build a robot.  They are sometimes grateful, most of the time not! They are sometimes respectful, and sometimes not.  They are sometimes healthy and sometimes not.  Sounds like my kids.  Any my nieces and nephews.  And my friends’ kids.  And every kid I’ve ever known.  Do they sound like your kids??

That’s the point.  These are just KIDS.  They need the same things that all of the kids we already know and love need:

  • They need to know who will be there for them in the morning…and after school…and the next morning…and the morning after that.  (these kids haven’t had that benefit our kids probably take for granted.)
  • They need someone to cheer them on
  • They need someone to provide them with love and affection
  • They need someone to provide healthy discipline when needed

There are a lot of reasons that people don’t “step up” to provide homes for these children.  And, the truth is that not everyone can adopt.  But for those who’ve thought about it, those who think that maybe, just maybe, they can help…I want to break down some of the myths that prevent people from adopting.


In order to adopt you can be:

  • male or female
  • married or single
  • young or “old”
  • a home owner or a renter
  • a stay at home parent or someone with a career
  • childless or already a parent

That sounds like almost everyone, doesn’t it?

Today, and in the coming weeks, we’re going to look at some of the myths that keep people from exploring foster care adoption.

MYTH #1:
Adoption is expensive.

This is true when we’re talking about adopting a baby, but that’s for another day.
Adoption from foster care costs very little.  Public agencies do not charge anything for a homestudy when you are doing a foster-to-adopt placement.  Each county agency has their own policies and procedures about families interested in adopting without providing foster care.

Most private agencies (ours included) do homestudies at a discount when families are interested in adoptinhg from foster care.  Additionally, most of the money you have to pay up front, will be reimbursed at the time that you finalize your adoption.  In most cases, this means that you could actually adopt for FREE.

The other thing most people don’t know is that almost all families receive Adoption Assistance once they have adopted child from foster care.  This means that you would receive a monthly check to help you with the expenses of having a child.  This check will continue until your child turns 18 and usually comes with a medical card.

All of these programs were put into place to help families afford to help kids from foster care.  With so many children longing for a forever home…who might be waiting for YOU?

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