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How Birth Mothers Find Loving Families for Their Babies

Are you curious about how birth mothers find loving families for their babies? Finding the perfect adoptive parents for your baby is not an easy task. There are many factors and choices to consider, which can be overwhelming and challenging.

While every birth mother’s journey is unique, Open Arms Adoptions aims to provide guidance, insights, and reassurance. If you are thinking about giving a child up for adoption, read this comprehensive guide to understand the process and find support along the way.

Exploring Adoption Agencies

An adoption agency works with birth parents to navigate the intricacies and challenges of the adoption landscape. 

There are many adoption agencies to choose from. While each one may have different services and philosophies, it is important to choose the agency that is the best fit for you. Consider the following:

  • Services Offered. Be sure to look at the agency’s services, from paperwork assistance to counseling and legal support.
  • Adoption Philosophy. Consider what the agency values in the adoption process, such as openness in communication and supporting your choices and rights.
  • Comfort and Compatibility. Always trust your instincts. You should feel comfortable dealing with them.
  • Financial Transparency. An ethical agency will never charge a birth mom for services.
  • Support for Birth Parents. The adoption process can be very confusing, so looking for an agency that offers practical and emotional support is best. 
  • Licensing. Ask if the agency is licensed in the state where you live. Birth parents get full and better support if their adoption worker is close to them and knows about resources in the area.

Profiles of Adoptive Families

couple with adopted daughter

For birth parents, family profiles serve as the first connection to prospective adoptive parents. They are an opportunity to begin to imagine what your child’s life might look like in the future. Your adoption worker will present a variety of adoptive parent profiles for you to review. This is the first step toward establishing a connection.

These profiles can give you a glimpse into the hopeful adoptive parents’ values, beliefs, hobbies, and interests. Birth mothers will better understand the family’s background and lifestyle. It is a great tool to see what you might have in common with the family and make the best decision for your baby’s future.

Seeing prospective parents’ profiles often reassures birth mothers that your baby will end up with a supportive and loving family. Profiles are a valuable tool for birth mothers in selecting the right family for their child and feeling a sense of control over the process.

Online Adoption Platforms

Nowadays, almost everything is possible with just a click. Adoption agencies have waiting families listed on their websites, making it super convenient for you to look at available families in the privacy of your own home. Although this is usually the same information your adoption worker might give you when you meet, it lets you take your time and look for as long as you need. This platform also makes it easy to share these profiles with the baby’s dad, your best friend or any other support person whose opinion you might want.

Some Cautions About Online Profiles

As with anything on the Internet, there are things that you should be aware of when looking at adoptive families online. Many individuals and organizations who are not licensed in your state and not trained in adoption have websites that make it seem like they are. Thus, they cannot provide the same level of support to you or the prospective adoptive family. Some may not even know the families on their website at all other than what is listed in their profile.

Ethical agencies like Open Arms Adoptions personally conduct detailed home studies on each of their adoptive families to ensure only the most loving and secure families are available to welcome your baby. 

Legal Aspects of Making an Adoption Plan 

Legal Aspects of Making an Adoption Plan : legal counsel handing over a pen to signee

The legalities of adoption play a significant role in the adoption process. Birth mothers should have an informed understanding of the legal aspects of adoption. It guarantees that their, their baby’s, and the adoptive parents’ rights are respected throughout the adoption process. 

An ethical adoption agency will always ensure that birth parents have their attorney(s) to represent them in this process. Birth parents are not responsible for the legal fees associated with making an adoption plan for their child.

State laws about adoption vary across the United States. These laws include who must legally consent to the adoption, waiting periods, and other factors. In Ohio, birth parents must wait a minimum of 72 hours after the birth of their child to sign legal documents terminating their parental rights. They may change their decision at any time before signing a permanent surrender. 

Open Arms Adoptions provides birth parents with an attorney to answer any questions and ensure they are making an informed decision before signing final documents. 

Understanding the legal aspects of making an adoption plan is important for parents and potential adoptive families. Navigating this journey will run smoothly with the help of adoption professionals, support networks, and attorneys to answer your questions.

Support from Adoption Professionals

Adoption professionals play an important role in providing birth parents with the right guidance and support. In Ohio, these professionals are called “Adoption Assessors” and have received specialized training to support and assist birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents. These professionals can provide the information and assistance you need during this emotionally complex journey.

Here is how adoption professionals can help:

Couple with adoption professional
  • Understanding Options. Adoption assessors can help birth parents understand their options in adoption and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Navigating the Process. They also act as advocates for birth parents, ensuring that their interests and rights are protected at all stages of the journey.
  • Matching with Families. Your adoption worker will provide as much or as little help as you want in looking at and narrowing down families for your child. She will also be with you as you meet the family you choose for your baby and help coordinate communication you are comfortable with. 
  • Community and Peer Support. Peer support is helpful because it can provide empathy, understanding, and solidarity. Building an effective support network gives birth mothers a sense of belonging, especially if they connect with people who walk similar paths. Peer support validates birth parents’ experiences and feelings as they share common issues and triumphs with others who have similar experiences.

Post-Placement Relationships

Many birth parents strongly desire to have ongoing contact with the family who adopts their child. It can be reassuring to see photos and to get updates about how your son or daughter is doing. This contact helps many birth parents feel a more positive adjustment after placing and eliminates the secrecy around adoption for everyone involved. It is important to be honest about your hopes for contact from the beginning.

Part of making an adoption plan is creating an agreed-upon level of contact with respect to everyone’s boundaries. An ethical adoption agency will help you and your child’s adoptive family agree on the types and frequency of contact.


The journey toward finding a loving family for your child is a deeply personal and emotional experience. Open Arms Adoptions is here to help birth mothers find loving families for their babies. Our staff will go above and beyond to ensure you find the perfect forever family for your child. 

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