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We are Caitlin and Joe. We love our families more than anything in this world! Even before we first met, each of us knew that someday we would share our love for family with our children. We met in 2017. Joe met Caitlin’s family only a few weeks after, and she met his not long after that. We married nearly two years later and began our own little family life together in the Columbus area. 


Over time, our family has grown from our parents, brothers, and sisters, to include nieces and a nephew. Our close friends from work and school and their children are our family, too! Caitlin teaches high school nearby, and Joe works in technology. Games, adventure, and laughter keep us bonded. Together, we all love and support each other, especially in the most difficult times. Our struggles with infertility started in 2021. Long before that, we had dreamed of adopting a child into our family someday. With help and support from our family and community, today, we are ready for the miracle of adoption!

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